Champagne-Ardennes III is finished!

Champagne Ardennen III
In September 2019 I started this canvas. That is, after I had covered it with a new layer of gesso. Originally I had painted a “building landscape” in acrylic with the title: Meeuwenlaan, Amsterdam-Noord (2016).
But now a “landscape landscape”. From a photo I had taken in the Champagne-Ardennes region of northern France during the summer of 2019. In Photoshop I have reduced the photo to the size of the canvas: 1: 3 (50 x 150 cm). Then everything was positioned in such a way that the golden ratio was taken into account in the composition.
The use of color is kept sober: no saturated colors, but muted (de-saturated) colors. This communicates calmness and looks more natural.